Our Story

We understand the frustration that comes with trying to find expert researchers perfectly suited to the needs of the project. Researchers that have the right field expertise; the ability to work well with industry; experience with the specific methodologies, techniques or systems required, amongst many other factors.

If any of these elements are lacking, so too is the likelihood that the research will come up short.

As scientists, we wanted to find a more efficient academic partner matching process. With this in mind, we established Academix and created proprietary machine learning algorithms that take into account previously undervalued factors while looking at research needs and potential collaborations holistically.

Discovery of external innovation and academic partners is time-consuming and highly subjective. We want to help you find the perfect collaboration for your specific R&D needs.

Meet Our Executive Team

  • Alon Vitenshtein
    Alon Vitenshtein, Ph.D. CBO & Co-Founder
  • Yoav Bauman
    Yoav Bauman, Ph.D. CEO & Co-Founder
  • Roy Granit CTO
    Roy Granit, Ph.D. CTO & Co-Founder
  • Stuart Bernstein
    Stuart Bernstein, B.Sc., M.S.M. Director of Business Development
  • Yuval Feinstein
    Yuval Feinstein, M.Sc. Senior NLP Software Engineer
Alon Vitenshtein

Alon Vitenshtein, Ph.D
CBO & Co-Founder

Alon is an experienced immunologist with a strong research background in adaptive and innate immune systems. He was awarded his Ph.D in Immunology and now focuses his energy on developing advanced technology to accelerate R&D, drug, and product development. As a second-time founder of an academic research-centered start-up, he has focused his expertise on marketing, business strategy and development.

Yoav Bauman

Yoav Bauman, Ph.D
CEO & Co-Founder

Yoav is an experienced web entrepreneur and has founded three successful start-ups all focusing on creating web technologies for the commercialization and success of scientific research. He was awarded his Ph.D in biomedical research and is considered an expert in the field of metagenomics, virology, and immunotherapy with vast experience in diverse research methodologies and techniques.

Roy Granit CTO

Roy Granit Ph.D
CTO & Founder

Roy has been involved in successfully developing various web platforms to expedite scientific discovery and is a third-time start-up founder. He heads web development, machine learning and natural language processing technology efforts at Academix. He was awarded his Ph.D in biomedical research with speciality in genomics & bioinformatics. His expertise lies in cancer research, translational genomics and transcriptomics, high-throughput screening and single-cell analysis.

Stuart Bernstein

Stuart Bernstein, B.Sc., M.S.M.
Director of Business Development

Stuart is a seasoned Business Development and Marketing professional with over 30 years experience in the Healthcare and Ed-Tech business environments, including the launch of Israel’s first ethical drug, R&D commercialization of medical devices, and sales management of medical devices and an award-winning platform for science education, which has been gained working in corporate, start-up, government and research environments.

Yuval Feinstein

Yuval Feinstein, M.Sc.
Senior NLP Software Engineer

Yuval is an experienced developer specializing in natural language processing (NLP). He worked at several leading tech companies on projects in NLP and the adjacent domains of machine learning (ML) and information retrieval (IR).

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